Carley Ashby

We had such an amazing experience booking with The Baby Print Co! My husband and I surprised our immediate family on Mother’s Day and it was the best Mother’s Day gift we could share with both our moms, as well as, everyone else. Alyssa was so friendly and patient and super easy to work with! Her company is such an amazing concept and makes it easy for all of your family to be apart of something wonderful. Thanks again, Alyssa! I will recommend you to everyone!!

Dora Morales


OMG! We had such a beautiful experience today. My fiance and my whole family was there. Something I would have never imagined. We were all so emotional. I definitely would recommend this place to anyone having a baby.

Karina Ruiz

Truly recommend , very friendly and due to the pandemic was an experience I truly loved got to see my baby boy with my family and my husband that has not had a chance to see any ultrasound Alyssa was so nice and understanding and made sure we got to see our baby boy amazing features thank you Alyssa !

Anjelica Kirch

Alyssa was so kind and professional. She interacted with my 4 year old as she set up all her equipment and got my daughter excited to see the baby. She explained what we were looking at in the ultrasounds (since they're a little difficult to navigate if you're not used to looking at them). She even showed us some of the baby's organs such as the heart, stomach and bladder while trying to find the perfect image for a 4D scan. Alyssa took so much time to make sure we got to see a clear image of the baby's face even though my placenta and the umbilical cord were blocking part of the baby. All of the printed images we received as well as the 4D images on the USB drive were better than we could have hoped for. I was hesitant to book at first, but am so glad that we took the opportunity to support Alyssa's business! I would highly recommend her to any family looking to have additional ultrasounds done during their pregnancy.