Packages are all-inclusive, no additional travel charges will be applied.

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Heartbeat Check: $95       

15-38 weeks

Up to 10 minute scan 

Listen to baby's heart beat 

2- 2D prints

*Ultrasound done in-home, we come to you! 

2nd Trimester: $155       

15-27 weeks

*Ideal time for gender determination

Up to 30 minute scan

Listen to baby's heartbeat

2D/3D/4D/HD technology

2-4 -2D prints 

Included USB with up to 5 images and/or moving clips of baby 

*Ultrasound done in-home, we come to you!

3rd Trimester: $250

Ideal time frame for best 3D/4D viewing of baby:

28-32 weeks

28-38 weeks

*Ideal time frame for 3D/4D imaging of baby: 28-32 weeks

Up to 45 minute scan

Listen to baby's heartbeat 

2D/3D/4D/HD technology

5-7- 2D prints 

Included USB with all images and/ or moving clips of baby

*Ultrasound done in-home, we come to you!  

Additional Services

For Baby showers & gender reveals, please book the package that relates to your gestational age at the time of appointment.

No additional party fee applied. 



 Baby Print Co. only offers non-diagnostic ultrasounds. Our sonographers do not identify or diagnose any fetal or maternal conditions during their scans. Baby Print Co. ultrasounds are not a substitute for prenatal care provided by your OBGYN. Our ultrasounds are provided to create a positive bonding experience between you and baby.

We look forward to being a part of your special moment!